There’s nothing like a beautiful canopy with 360-degree views but in colder months tent walls are required to keep heat in and guests comfortable.
We offer a few solutions here.

Lycra walls: ($5-per square metre installed)

Our simplest walling solution is our lycra-walling system. Lycra is simply tied off to the trim of the tent and pegged into the ground. This option is perfect for cooler summer nights or if you may expect a prevailing wind on one or more sides of your tent. It’s applied based on up-to-date weather forecasts and can easily be removed if the wind dies down. While our lycra is wind-proof, it’s not fully waterproof so it’s not suitable for winter months when rain is expected.

Enclosed tent

Our tents are so versatile we can simply drop one or more sides of the tent to ‘enclose’ your party space. Again, we watch weather forecasts closely and will rig according to conditions. *NB: assuming you choose to drop one or more sides of your tent, this results in a smaller tent-space ‘footprint’ so in order to accommodate your guest numbers you may need to ‘upsize’ your tent.

Theatre flats: (POA)

Our new theatre-flats are a simple and visually impressive solution to blocking off either open areas or sides of your tent, or service-areas and unsightly equipment.

Our theatre-flats are wall-panels made from treated pine, covered in 3-layers of fireproof, protective black fabric. They are light and breathe easily so they’re perfect for expo stands and for blocking out areas you don’t want guests to see. They are simply screwed together and weighed down – creating a functional and visually streamlined effect.

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